Documentary / 65 min / color / 16mm

In nature everything is in balance. In the circle of life, which never ends, everyone has their task - plants and mushrooms, insects and animals... This diverse orchestra always finds its rhythm. Recognizing the distinctiveness of being human, this film looks at what are our possibilities to take part of that co-creation of nature. For nearly seven years of exploring the periphery countryside of Estonia, this journey brings to the foreground the daily rhythms of ordinary people, composing an analogue gospel of a microcosm, which has consciously or unconsciously rejected the central, arrogant doctrine of human exceptionality. What are the conditions for humans to take part in the great orchestra of earth?
Director: Liis Nimik
Scriptwriter: Liis Nimik, Anti Naulainen
Cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa 

Sound recordist: Mart Kessel-Otsa, Ann Reimann, Nikita Shiskov  
Editor: Liis Nimik
Sound designer & Re-recording mixer: Israel Bañuelos M.P.S.E.
Producer: Edina Csüllög, Liis Nimik

Premiere: 2023 
Status: in post-production