Fiction / 98’ / color

Rain, the older brother of Ats, a 11-year old kid growing up in a small seaside town, returns to the family home, where their authoritarian father Kalju and a mother on the verge of losing love are waiting. Ats is witness to the clash of two men, a father and a brother, two stubborn men from different generations with different views of the world. When the father tries to push Rain, who has lost his stable ground, into the boundaries of his world, Rain finds instead hope in Aleksandra, a mysterious woman with a shady past.

Director: Janno Jürgens
Scriptwriters: Janno Jürgens, Anti Naulainen
Cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa

Production design: Matis Mäesalu 
Editor: Przemyslaw Chruscielewski (POL)
Sound designer: Artis Dukalskis (LV)
Producer: Kristjan Pütsep

Estonian cinema release: 17th of September 2020

- Black Nights Film Festival 2020, Baltic Competition