Potato Republic

Kartuli vabariik

2011 / Documentary / 29 min / Color / 1,78:1 / stereo

Tarmo moved to the country with a dream to open a museum he's named the Potato Republic. In a schoolhouse dating 1850 is striving to open a museum where the potato would be introduced by outdoor bathtub cinema, bycicle ploughing and performances based on everything local and forgotten. The idea for the museum came from the large potato crops of the 1920's that gave cause for Estonia then to be called the Republic of Potato. Tarmo is trying to bring back the life and times of the 1920's to Laanemetsa.

There's a classroom, a movie screen, some villagers, every friday mobile store lorry and the idea for the potato museum. Funding didn't come but the solution lies somewhere. You have to get started before enthusiasm abates and turns into the rustle of trees.
Is it possible to survive in a remote village so that dreams survive too?
Director: Kätlin Kaganovitš and Mart Raun
Director of Photography: Mart Raun
Sound Recordist: Rein Fuks
Producer and Editor: Liis Nimik