Helene’s School of Life

Helene elukool

2010 / Documentary / 28 min / Color / 1,78:1 / stereo

A perfect teacher teaches her subject understandably with enthusiasm and passion. She is systematic. She is an authority and keeps the pupils interested in the subject. A perfect teacher is tolerant, friendly and supportive to pupils of different abilities. She develops herself professionally, collaborates with her colleagues and follows common European cultural practices." These words are from a want ad placed by an elite school looking for a physics teacher. But where should you start from when you are only 22 years old and standing in front of the class of a rural school for the first time? What kind of choices do you have to make to become an excellent teacher?
Director: Liis Nimik
Cinematography: Erik Põllumaa, Liis Nimik
Sound Designer: Tarvo Schmeimann
Composer: Kaspar Kadastik
Producer: Kristjan Pütsep