Gardens of the Morning Calm

Documentary / 68 min / color / 16mm

The fire attendants are present. They are aware that they’re not omnipotent, they’re at peace, because the fire must be guarded. They have agreed that everything will pass, that they themselves will no longer be who they were yesterday. They have agreed to their daily duty to quietly face themselves day in and day out and to make friends with fire to survive. The film which takes place through the lives of various firekeepers, looks at the human life cycle trough several characters - Krete, Karep and Käsper, sister and brothers, who look at the world as if it were new every morning. Through the young Timmu, who starts building his life and has to break free from his parents. Through Võike, who is looking for something in music and colors. And through old Klara, who knows what love is. Children walk through the garden of nature, noticing everything around them as if it had just appeared there. Adults, however, keep an eye on the fire, sometimes trying to get back to where the children start by touching the boundaries of absurd. It is a journey in a space of enormous potential between what has already ended and what has not yet arrived.
Director: Liis Nimik
Scriptwriter: Liis Nimik, Anti Naulainen
Cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa 

Sound recordist: Mart Kessel-Otsa, Ann Reimann, Nikita Shiskov  
Editor: Liis Nimik
Sound Designer: Mart-Kessel Otsa
Producer: Edina Csüllög, Liis Nimik

Premiere: 2021 
Status: in post-production