Documentary / 68 min / color / 16mm

Nature film about people, which asks - is human the crown of nature? Almost narrative free poetic film focuses on four micro worlds in Estonian countryside, where humans, animals and environment are looked at with equal gaze and spirit. Some characters surface - old woman Klara, 17-year-old Timmu, Einike in her 40s and two brothers and a sister between 5 and 9, who are all connected through a certain indifference towards the world of endless growth, but share a necessity to be creative and acceptance with the fact that in order to survive, one has to heat the furnace once a day. Liberating journey through nature and the paradoxes of being a human being within it, in a space of enormous potential between what has already ended and what has not yet arrived.
Director: Liis Nimik
Scriptwriter: Liis Nimik, Anti Naulainen
Cinematographer: Erik Põllumaa 

Sound recordist: Mart Kessel-Otsa, Ann Reimann, Nikita Shiskov  
Editor: Liis Nimik
Sound Designer: Mart-Kessel Otsa
Producer: Edina Csüllög, Liis Nimik

Premiere: 2021 
Status: in post-production