Allan Leida, Leida Allan

Allan Leida, Leida Allan

Short doc / 30 min / color

Beloved actress Leida Rammo loves her work in her old age. And how much is acting work anyways? Stage director Allan Kress invites Leida to play a lead role of Miss Marple in his play. Leida, for whom this might be her last role, takes it very seriously. The cooperation of Allan and Leida creates a special atmosphere, where the ambition of a young man and and the wisdom of an old woman meet. The story gets even more spicy with the presence of legendary actors Elle Kull and Ago-Endrik Kerge.

Filmed in summer and autumn of 2009.
Theater piece produced by Project Theater Banaanikala.
Cast: Leida Rammo, Allan Kress, Elle Kull, Agu-Endrik Kerge 

Director: Tanno Mee, Liis Nimik
Cinematographer: Tanno Mee, Liis Nimik

Editing: Tanno Mee, Liis Nimik
Sound design: Tarvo Schmeimann
Color correction: Mart Raun
Producer: Liis Nimik 

Premiere: 2014 Estonian National Broadcast