A Loss of Something Ever Felt

Üht kaotust igavesti kandsin
documentary / 82’ / color

Eeva is looking for her half brother, Lauri. The last time she heard anything form him was in December, when she and her mother received a call from an alleged hospital in Bogotá, Colombia. Since then there has been no word from Lauri, or Colombia. It is not strange for Lauri to disappear, to be on the move, but it is strange that he has lost contact. He never does this, not even when he was in a Venezuelan prison for drug trafficking.

Lauri is a drug addict and alcoholic, he has been in prison and has been homeless. His mother feels responsible for him and has been his main supporter. She thinks that Lauri’s choices and life are her fault.

Now, by request of her mother, Eeva is going to Bogotá to search for her half brother, not knowing what she might find, if she finds anything at all. She enters the world of her brother, one of darkness and untold stories, she might get to know him again and rebuild the bond that they once shared as kids. It is a quest for closure, for answers, a quest to find a ghost following rumors and whispers in a city of 12 million people.

Director: Carlos E. Lesmes
Cinematographer: Carlos E. Lesmes/Aivo Rannik/Giulia Ducci/Davood Mousavi
Editor: Hendrik Mägar
Sound designer: Gabriel Solis
Composer: Ann Reimann
Producer: Liis Nimik
Co-producers: Marcela Lizcano, Vice Versa Cine (COL) / Davood Mousavi, Little Black Fish (SWE), Mauricio Vergara, Carlos E. Lesmes

Participant at:
- Ex-Oriente Film 2018
- Cartagena Film Festival WIP 2018 (Best Project Award)
- Baltic Sea Docs 2018
- ChileDoc 2018
- East Doc Platform 2019
- BAM 2019 (Best Project Award)
- Seattle International Film Festival Works in Progress 2019

- Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival 2020, World Showcase program

AWARD Bogotá International Film Festival 2020

- World Premiere: Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival 2020
- Latin-American Premiere: DocsMX 2020, Mexico 
- Colombian premiere: Bogotá International Film Festival 2020, Colombia
- East Silver Market, Best film nomination 2020, Czech Republic
- ArtDocFest Riga 2021 Spring, Latvia
- Festival De Cine de la Habana - 2021 Spring, Cuba

Estonian cinema release: 12th of February 2021 

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